About us

 Mreža nepremicnin ltd is a successful, rapid growing company offering a complete range of services for both owners, and investors.
Owing to our several years experience and of course many satisfied customers, we are ranked amongst the top real estate agencies on the Slovene market. The members of our team are experts from various fields of business and together we are the key to a professional execution of the entire project.
Each client depends on our knowledge and years of direct experience in the Slovene market. Our professionals know the real estate market, inside and out, and provide you with knowledgeable, creative solutions to all real estate needs one has.
In order to keep our clients satisfied we have a team comprising professionals carrying a licence for real estate agents and years of working experience on the real estate market.
Our aim is to make sure that our clients receive fast, safe and qualitative services. All of the above has become a must in real estate business and we as a company always strive to beat it.

The goal of Mreza nepremičnin is to offer nowadays customers nothing but the best. We have grown from the foundation of the experience of Real Biro nepremičnine ltd, which has been active on the Slovene market since 1997, especially on the area of Ljubljana and its surroundings.

Mreža nepremičnin ltd has been active for 10 years already and we are proud to say that we have enriched our offer and improved the quality of services on the Slovene real-estate market.

We have specialized mainly on:

- Development and project services

o residential
o office

- Sales and marketing                                                                                                                                           Our web-base software Mastermind CPI -a programme that gives the investor an entire overview into an ongoing project- lets clients stay up-to-date and remain involved throughout the entire selling process.

Mreža nepremičnin real estate achieves this goal through our splendid knowledge of Slovene market and our reputation as amongst top in the Slovene market

- Market analysis
Mreža nepremičnin real estate has put up a comprehensive database, which is updated regularly by constant market monitoring, and sets up a strong basis for residential, office and retail space market research. Expert and analytical comments, sector focused market reports are of significant importance for us.
- Consulting
Mreža nepremičnin real estate provides a wide range of consulting services, including appraisal, valuation, and professional services:
Analysis of technical documentation
Development and analysis of a project’s documentation;
Consultations during the development of a project;

+ Concept development
The services include:
+ Market, site and project analysis
+ Investment analysis
+ Development of strategic marketing