Purchase or sell procedure

One cannot do everything alone that is why in Mreža ltd we managed to share responsibilities.
Only one agent will take care of you and he/she will try to listen to all your wishes and try to find answers to all your questions. Our agents will always be there for you your interests will be placed first. They love their work and are fully aware that their success depends on your satisfaction, the last assuring success to both.

How to sell your real estate?

If you decided to use the help of one of our agents, our agent will pay you a visit and at your personal wish help you set up a price for your real estate. Afterwards, he /she will try to locate customers that could be appropriate for your real estate.

How to buy?

If you would like to do it safely, this is the right address. Our agent will help you go through out offer of real estate and later we shall – in case you cannot find a real estate that suits your needs_ expand our search. Do stop by at our office premises at Cesta 24. junija in Ljubljana and we shall try to help you out at our earliest convenience.